Step 1.             Contact and The National Ambulance Service.

Step 2.             Call a public meeting, elect a committee, have an information meeting.

Step 3.             Contact other Community First Responder Groups: see website.

Step 4.             Organise fundraising locally. This increases awareness.

Step 5.             Community grants may be available.

Step 6.            The National Ambulance Service Ambulance will advise on the administration and Training required. A representative from a  nearby Community First Responder Group or the Wicklow Cardiac First Responder County Committee would be delighted to help you.

Step 7.             Source a local and suitable venue for training e.g. school hall, community hall,  etc.

Step 8.             Try to train 15/20 members.

Step 9.           Increase awareness in the community through every means possible, e.g. newspaper notes, fliers, parish newsletter, shop window display, etc.

Step 10.           A person must be over 18 years of age and CFR will require the following items:

  •          Full Driving Licence
  •          ID Photo
  •          Proof of Garda Clearance
  •          Letter from Motor Insurance Company
  •          Completed Wicklow Cardiac First Responder Application Form
  •          Signed copy of NAS Confidentiality Document

Step 11.           Prepare local maps with house numbers and names, check with local Post Office.

Step 12.           NAS will advise on equipment needed.

Step 13.           How much time is involved? As little or as much as you can give.

Step 14.           If you cannot train or are unable to go “Call Outs” you can help with the fundraising, administration, etc.

Step 15.           Remember before you set up there was nothing there.