A person trained, as a minimum in basic like support and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), who attends a potentially life threatening emergency. Wicklow Cardiac First Responders represent 31 Community First Responder Groups in Co. Wicklow.

A Community First Responder is a member of the public who volunteers to help their community by responding to medical emergencies while the ambulance is on its way. If you wanted to become a Community First Responder you would be trained in a wide range of emergency skills, and use specialised equipment such as automatic external defibrillators, aspirin  and oxygen therapy.  You would then be able to provide an early intervention in situations such as a heart  attack or cardiac arrest before the National Ambulance Service crew arrives. This improves patient survival and recovery.

Our primary role is to deliver an emergency and urgent care response for communities across Co. Wicklow. We know that in responses to certain conditions, every second counts: e.g. cardiac arrest,   stroke and heart attack. Having considered international evidence  it’s clear that equipping communities with equipment and basic life-saving skills will save lives.

WWCFRs objective is to be on the scene of a suspected Heart Attack or Cardiac Arrest within 10 minutes of receiving the Emergency SMS from Ambulance Control. After arriving at the scene our First Responders will be;

  • Giving oxygen therapy.
  • Clearing and controlling the airway of an unconscious patient.
  • Providing resuscitation and defibrillation.
  • Making them feel more comfortable and at ease.
  • Taking basic observations.
  • Reassuring worried relatives and taking charge of the situation.
  • Using local knowledge to ensure that the Ambulance can find the location quickly.