About Us

Wicklow Cardiac First Responders was formed in 2004 and is the umbrella group for Community First Responder Groups in Co. Wicklow. Its initial aim was to make Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) available in the wider community. The first public meeting was held in Shillelagh in March 2004. Working with the Irish Health Services Executive (HSE) Ambulance Service, we are a group of volunteers who live and work in communities and help by providing an early response in the provision of primary life saving support to people who have called 999/112 and requested an  Emergency Ambulance.

Health Facts

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of Death in Ireland, with over 52% of all Deaths being cardiovascular related. France is one of the lowest in the EU with 13% and Ireland has over double the EU average which is at 25%. About half these deaths result from sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating. Most often it is caused by an arrhythmia (an abnormal heart rhythm) called Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) that prevents the heart pumping blood effectively.



Training in Wicklow Cardiac First Responders consists of one full weekend, (Saturday and Sunday usually) It will be carried out under the supervision of the National Ambulance Service and will include Adult, Paediatrics and Infant CPR, Foreign Body Airway Obstruction, use of Automated External Defbrillators (AEDs), Chest Pain Management, Oxygen Administration, F.A.S.T. for possible Stroke detection,  Patient Report Form and other aspects .